Innovation Management System:

Innovation Management System: Product development in every organization be it a Software development, Industrial Manufacturing, or be it even a creation of Art, has various routine old processes still being followed without really giving a due weightage on being innovative. As a matter of fact, all such industries are unable to cope up with the changing demands of consumers. Obviously they left themselves far behind than their other counterparts, competitors across the globe by failing to change and adopt with Innovation management culture.


Innovation Management is the discipline of managing processes in Innovation as it includes a set of tools that allow production managers, engineers to cooperate with a common understanding of goals, and processes. The focus of Innovation Management is to allow the organization to respond to an external or internal opportunity, and use its creative efforts to introduce new ideas, processes, or products.


Innovation Management involves workers at every level to contribute creatively for company’s development, manufacturing, and marketing. By effectively utilizing appropriate Innovation Management tools, management can trigger and deploy the creative juices of the whole work force towards the continuous development of a Company.


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