Sharkworld: PRINCE2 Project Management Simulation Game

In Sharkworld, you take on the role of a project manager who will lead a big-budget construction project in Shanghai, China. The goal of the game is to successfully construct the shark basin, Sharkworld, within the time limit. The game takes about three hours to play. The player will interact with characters from the game, through dialogues in the game and actual e-mail messages. The game even continues with optional SMS text messages on the player’s mobile phone.


The game presents realistic dilemmas that encourage players to make decisions based on their knowledge of project management. The player will practice different project management skills, such as planning and risk management. In this interactive experience, players will also be trained in soft skills, such as managing customer expectations and managing employee motivation on the work floor.


Sharkworld’s underlying storyline is very entertaining and will keep you coming back to replay the game to see different outcomes. Characters in the game are brought to life by actors, and all the movie sequences in the game are shot on location in Shanghai. Combining entertainment with educational content, Sharkworld is a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge of project management. After playing the game, you will be able to give context to the theory you learned in the PRINCE2 Foundation course, or PMP Exam Preparation course, and apply these principles in practice.




Learning Objectives:


At the end of this course, you will understand:




There are no formal prerequisites.


For more information, download the factsheet from our Course catalogs or click the link below for a demo.


Is there a better way to find out if you are familiar with project management theory than running a multi-million dollar international project? ITpreneurs introduces both aspiring and seasoned Project Managers to the complexity of managing a project with Sharkworld. This online project simulation gives you the virtual responsibility over a multi-million dollar construction project. Sharkworld gives you the chance to test your abilities as a project manager on a complex project and juggle the different aspects of the trade in a virtual environment.


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