Process Improvement :

Process Improvement: An Industry standard framework to assess ITIL maturity levels in your Organization An ISO 15504 approach!


TIPA® (Tudor IT Process Assessment) is an internationally-recognized framework for IT process assessment that uses the principles of the ISO/IEC 15504 standard to determine the maturity level of IT processes within an organization. The ISO/IEC 15504 standard, an internationally accepted standard for process assessment, defines an assessment method that can be easily adapted to different process frameworks - TIPA takes advantage of this flexibility by creating a framework that can support process assessment for ITIL®.

Benefits of TIPA

For end-user organizations where assessments are performed


For consultants and organizations that perform assessments


Courses & Certifications:


Certified TIPA® Assessors for ITIL are skilled professionals who conduct IT process maturity assessments in organizations that use ITIL. The TIPA Assessor for ITIL course prepares these professionals for taking and passing the TIPA Assessor for ITIL Certification Exam.


The course provides a great insight into the concepts and keys components of TIPA that will enable them to participate in assessments projects under the supervision of a TIPA Lead Assessor.


Overall, this three-day classroom course will help the participants build their skills in:

During the three days, the participants cover the theoretical concepts of TIPA by attending interactive lectures on the roles in a TIPA Assessment project and each of the six phases of the assessment project. The participants learn to “apply” their knowledge through a combination of assignments and a simulation exercise in which they role-play through an assessment project by conducting interviews, rating the processes, performing SWOT analysis, recommending improvements, and presenting the results.

Please note that in order to leverage the TIPA Tool Box upon completion of the course, an Individual and/or Organizational membership is required. After completing the course and passing the exam, the candidate must register with TIPA (via as a TIPA Professional Member, and agree to pay an annual fee that entitles him/her to license the TIPA toolbox for Assessor, and services such as listing on the official website and yearly updates to the Assessor part of the toolbox. Instructions on the registration process will be provided upon successful completion of the exam.

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