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XBRL courses and delivery of training for your organization

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XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is a freely available, market-driven, open, and global standard for exchanging business information.​ All over the world XBRL is being mandated by financial regulators.

Improve your reporting. Enhance your efficiency. Reduce your risk.

Business information reporting has gone global. Today’s business environment requires greater transparency, more detailed reporting and faster distribution of information than ever before.

XBRL, is the royalty-free standard being implemented around the globe for all forms of business and economic reporting. XBRL greatly reduces the time required to update financial information — and minimizes your risk of costly reporting errors.

Have your employees certified in XBRL Foundation. Everyone benefits.

Your XBRL implementation projects can reach their full potential with the help of Foundation Training. But don’t stop there. Make sure to complete the XBRL Foundation Certification Program by passing the web-based, multiple-choice exam. It shows the world you’ve acquired the knowledge and skills needed to effectively contribute to XBRP project success.


Benefits of XBRL certification include:


Our approach to XBRL training:


In six countries, XBRL is now the mandated reporting language for all public companies. Various members of these organizations, including CFOs, controllers, accountants and finance staff, need to be familiar with XBRL. While they don’t require knowledge of all of XBRL’s technical aspects, they need a working knowledge of how to best leverage its possibilities.

Our XBRL certification course offers self-paced, foundational learning for anyone who plays a role in your company’s operations, reporting and financial data. Give your company the XBRL advantage with XBRL certification.


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